Gone – or quickly disappearing – are the days where you would receive a membership newsletter in the mail.

We live in a world where the humble newsletter has been elevated to essential customer contact status: if you’re not keeping in touch with your clients via targeted email newsletters, you’re leaving the gate wide open for your competitors to jump on in. Has a customer clicked on a certain product in your online store? Send them an instant automated email newsletter tailored to their interests! Has a customer celebrated a birthday? Send them an email newsletter with a personalised birthday voucher for your services or products. An e-newsletter is highly customisable, extremely versatile, linkable to any online product, news, event or special deal, and most importantly, can be tailored to meet individual markets across a range of demographics or industries. Take back control of the newsletter with our e-newsletter services!

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It's a big job trying to keep in touch with your client base on a regular basis - newsletters are the perfect solution and a great way to drive traffic to your website.