Frustrated browsing websites that are not mobile responsive?

Have you ever given up on a website because it took too long to load? Have you thrown your phone down in frustration because the website you are trying to view won’t fit on the screen? Have you stabbed at menus with increasing rage only to be transported to the wrong page every single time due to the width of your finger vs the teeny tiny ridiculous buttons? Yes. You have. So why would you ever want to put anyone else through that?

What exactly is a mobile responsive website?

Mobile responsive, or mobile-friendly stands for a website design which will respond to the size of the screen of your device. It means that no matter which device you use, from your trusty iPad through to your late model Samsung smartphone, the content, menu and buttons of the website will be at the perfect size for an easy navigation and read. Here at Monster Graphics, we create mobile responsive websites that translates to a satisfying user experience for your customers.

Find out if your current website is mobile responsive

There are some very simple ways to test yourself, if your website is mobile-friendly. First and easiest way to check: take your tablet or smartphone and open your website in your browser of choice. Does your website adjust to the size of the screen of your device, or do you have to scrunch your eyes in order to read?


If you are still unsure, you can check by following this link: or by contacting the Monster team here.

Google and the benefits of a mobile responsive website

  • People use their mobile device more than their desktop computer
  • 80% of people using the internet own a smartphone
  • 60% of Google searches are smartphone queries
  • Searches for local services represent 40% of mobile searches
  • Google penalises SEO ranking for websites that are not mobile-friendly.
  • Your customers will thank you for a satisfying user experience by visiting your website again and again.


Here at Monster Graphics, we create mobile friendly websites that will work across a range of devices. If your website needs a mobile-friendly upgrade our monsters and minions can help you too. Check out our online-marketing services to give your website and business a boost too.

Take the next step, go mobile responsive with monster!

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New rules from Google means that if your website is not mobile friendly your Google rankings will be demoted on smart phones. And 60 % of Google searches are done on smart phones.

Recent Mobile Responsive

Whangarei Pet Shop

Whangarei Pet Shop

Mobile friendly website for Whangarei Pet Centre means their website works well on all smartphones.

The 809 Foundation

The 809 Foundation

This site needed to be responsive so that Anton could post blogs while he completed his Walk for Hope.

Skylark Tours

Skylark Tours

Mobile friendly website for Skylark Tours means that your can browse their services anywhere, anytime on any device.

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