Great content goes hand in hand with great design – there really is no getting around the need for fresh, well-written text in your website. Don’t have the time? Don’t panic! Here at Monster we like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers by offering award-winning content writers for your convenience. By ensuring your content is professionally created, we are ensuring your website does what it is designed to do: attract customers and direct online traffic to you and your services! Hand in hand with professional copywriting comes professional SEO – and without the SEO component, even the most beautiful content will not be recognised online.

Do it once, do it right: that’s our belief; and when it comes to copywriting and SEO, we have experts on hand to make sure it’s done perfectly!


We engage expert specialists to ensure that your website can be found on search engines such as Google.

Copywriting and SEO

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation (better known as SEO in techie circles) is the holy grail of website development. Without SEO, your website will languish forever undiscovered in the darkest reaches of the internet broom cupboard. Without SEO, your website can sparkle as brightly as a diamond – but no one will ever see it. Why? These little meta tags, snippets, alt tags and focus key phrases allow Google (and other search engines) to recognise the brilliance of your product or service, along with it’s relevance to the general public’s search terms. When your ideal client puts finger to keyboard looking for a new accountant, a new pair of shoes, or an Appalachian pony, we need to make sure those terms are firmly embedded in your website: both behind the scenes, and in places people can read them. Having your content professionally written is part of this process, and this is why Monster Graphics uses professional copywriters within their team of experts – it’s also one less thing you have to worry about!

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