Hugo (the purple monster) and the team are are passionate bunch who like a good laugh and regularly fight over who’s music gets played in the office.

The fundamentals of this business are simple: service, solutions and success.

Monster Overlord Teresa Watkins is a stickler for old fashioned service where the customers needs are the most important. Offering professional advice where required to suit the clients needs.

Teresa is a true born and bread local¬†hailing from the Hokianga, her passion is helping others and treating them just as she would like to be by others. Monster Graphics is the heart and soul of Teresa’s life, her dream, passion and life purpose (how sad, right?)

Spare time finds Teresa spending time with her family and friends. Walking the beautiful scenery of Northland and slowly ticking off the 9 Great Walks of New Zealand, currently up to number 5!

Vision Statement

To help businesses achieve success through premium graphic design, websites and online marketing.

Mission statement

Monster Graphics provides the most creative and effective branding, visual communication and website designs. Working with clients to build quality websites and successful marketing strategies that deliver results.

Core values

Exceptional customer service
Providing the highest standard of client experience by delivering great
customer service; under promising and over delivering wherever possible.

Latest trends and technology
Being at the forefront of website technology and design
trends to keep our clients ahead of the game.

Honesty and integrity
Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty.
Maintaining good work ethics at all times with respect to both our
brand and reputation.

Solution focused
All staff and contractors to work collaboratively to
provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

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