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We FLY that extra mile for our clients

Kristen R - Monday, October 17, 2011

Myself, Iain and Tamara made the quick trip across the ditch a few weeks back to visit one of our loyal clients. With their head office in Melbourne and a team of over 20 staff it was more convenient for us to pop over there.

It was a whirlwind trip with an early start, nothing like Mc'Donald's at 4 am! When we touched down in Melbourne we made our way through customs and jumped in the first taxi we found. There was lots to discuss and only one day to get through it all.

We were introduced to the entire team — the developers, IT support, the customer service department and management. Over a long lunch meeting we discussed the upcoming projects to tackle. Everything from design through to development and most importantly, how we will assist them in implementing our work into their custom programs. All very exciting and a little over my head. So, I left Tamara to talk development while myself and management sat down to discuss the work flow. As project manager it is my job to ensure that all projects are completed and delivered in a timely fashion. There is nothing worse than a project taking so long that it turns stale. The team their were amazing, exceptional in their field and so friendly and welcoming.

Names now had faces and a solid foundation for a long working relationship was formed. We have been working with this company for just over 4 months and the distance is no battle. Using VOIP, Skype and email to stay in contact it's just the same as working with someone up the road. Regular face to face meetings with the owner/director keeps everyone up-to-date and ontrack.

Whether you have a business here in Whangarei or one over 2000 kms away Monster Graphics can cater to your needs. Tailored packages, website starter kits, set monthly hosting fees and customer service like no other.

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